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D-motor installed the first prototype in an X-air F in January 2010.

The next engine was installed in a Xair Hawk (also named Hanuman) in August 2010 and followed by a third installation in the Speed Cruiser in April 2011.

After tests some engines (first generation 2500cc) were delivered to customers.

Later in 2012 we decided to up grade the LF26 to 2700cc.

Customers who had been supplied with the first 2500cc version have been offered a free upgrade to 2700cc version. We have now a lot of engines from 2700 version delivered and installed in different planes.

We do not publish all installations but only the one we get permission of the customer. If you have specific plane in mind we will be glad to inform you if we have already customers who have installed an engine in this plane.


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